It’s true, internet leads aren’t what they used to be. But that doesn’t mean we need to throw out the baby with the bathwater when it comes to utilizing the workflows and processes we’ve built to manage this.

Our industry is unlike most others simply because of a number of opportunities we field each month.

With more and more studies coming out about how most our walk-in customers never submitted a lead or called the store I can’t help but think that we need to start doing a better job of turning our walk-in opportunities into digital opportunities.


> A dealerships digital follow up is always going to be better than standard sales guy follow up. Simply because of accountability.


For our digital opportunities, We’ve worked hard on creating KPI’s and funnels. we have built out follow up and workflows that marry automation and manual milestones.

I have to assume the reason we struggle with walk-in follow up has been because we expect it to be done by our sales team alone. When you add lot drop and bad data hygiene of walk-ins not being entered into the CRM. You have at least half of your monthly opportunities being squandered or sold by someone else.


> Email is the most important piece of contact information you can get from your customers.


While phone numbers are important. Being blocked by a customer is just as easy too. If that is the only piece of contact info you have and then get blocked you might as well delete that customer from your CRM.

I know what you’re saying. Chris, emails are just as easy to delete and never reply to and I would agree.

But email addresses also have value when it comes to offline data matching in platforms like Facebook. So even when your customer blocks your calls and deletes your emails. They can still directly be marketed to using digital sources.

Have you considered turning today’s lot traffic into tomorrow’s internet leads?

via Walk-Ins to Web-Leads by Chris K Leslie | DrivingSales

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