Being 6 ft 4 isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. 

For example I always have to raise all the office chairs to the max height to not slouch. 

But, desks aren’t built for that so none of the chairs will fit under my desk properly. The arms always bang up against the side. Leaving me feeling like a t-Rex trying to reach my keyboard.

I tried building a make shift standing desk once. But by the time it got to where it needed to be to accommodate my height. It turned into the leaning tower of Apple products built on a shaky foundation of books and coffee tables. So that was no good. 

Being tall you learn do just always duck when you walk by or through just about everything. Even when there isn’t a reason too. We do anyways because years of hitting our heads on every hard surface with an sharp edge has learned us a thing or two about a thing or two.

Being tall at the gym means that you are going to do more work than everyone else. Simply because you have to move bars around at a much greater distance than most others. 

Clothes shopping sucks when you’re tall because most places don’t sell pants with a 34″ length or shirts with a 36″ sleeve. The ones you do find on occasion are usually in the big and tall section which should really just be called the “Holy Sh*t This is Like a Bed Sheet With Arm Holes” section. Most of the items in those sections could double as a projector screen for your house. 

T-shirts for the most part are out of the question too. Unless you fancy showing off your cute lil belly button all year round when you raise your arms. 

It’s not all bad though.

I’m easily found in large groups as I can only imagine my head sticks out above the crowd much like a prairie dogs does out of a hole in the ground. 

I can hold many things at one time. 

I can help old lady’s get stuff off the top shelf at the grocery store. 

I can tell when you don’t dust the top of your fridge. 

I can play a pretty mean game of keepaway too. 

So I guess that makes up for some of it. 

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