After doing the Festivus Games this past October. I’m finding myself hungry for more competition. So when I heard that there is going to be another Festivus Games in April of 2017. I decided that over the new few months I’m going to 

  • Train my ass off
  • Stick to my meal plan
  • Focus on my weaknesses
  • Find the fight inside of me

I think some people might be born with the competitive spirit. Or maybe the gain it through playing team sports growing up. 

I never played team sports growing up or had anyone pushing me to get better. I’ve always been a self started because I’ve had to be. For many things in life it’s been fine. But, when it comes to true competitive grit. I’ve felt inadequate for the majority of adulthood. 

I do like winning don’t get me wrong. I’ve just never pushed passed my comfort zone to do.

Competivenesss is a quality I want to be able teach my son though. So it is something I must get better at myself.

It’s something I will get better at…

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