I found this quote while thumbing through some images one morning and it made me think about the responsibility that comes along with being really good at something.

When you’re at the top of your game the world likes to turn into a hellish monster that wants to bring you down.

It’s easy to allow those monsters, rumors and ideas into your head and chip away at your mental armor.

The thing is though is that anyone can be a champion. You just have to want it enough in whatever you’re doing.

It’s harder to get yourself into a champion state of mind than it is to take yourself out of it.

But, the rewards for your hard work are absolutely worth it.

When you’re really good at something others in your life that you want to notice, will notice.

If you’re really good they’ll try to emulate it. Which is the best form of flattery in my opinion.

Like with all hard things. They are hard.

Sometimes you just need to be in it for the long game and remember to stay humble.